What our Customers say...


SERVPRO did remediation work for us following water damage from a leaking pipe under the house. The work involved drying out and cleaning the crawl space under the house as well as multiple areas inside. The staff was thorough in first checking all areas to assess what needed to be done. They were careful when moving our items to clear areas for work and put up lots of plastic tenting so that dust and debris were contained. Overall, they did their best to minimize disruption and make the space still safe and livable for us during the repair work. SERVPRO was prompt in contacting me and coming out right away to start work, accommodated our schedules, showed up on time each day, and kept us updated throughout the process. Everyone we dealt with at SERVPRO was professional, courteous, and knowledgeable.

SERVPRO has handled several large losses for our company. In each case, they have provided outstanding service and communication throughout the process. They are highly recommended.

Oh man. About 2 weeks ago I realized that a tank of water which we kept on the floor had a tiny leak and slowly, the water did significant damage to our wooden floors. I was crushed. A family member recommended these guys after they cleaned his worksite (COVID-related). I looked at the pictures on their site and was a bit skeptical. Do I really need 20 people with hazmat suits in our house?! Well, 2 technicians showed up. They were wearing masks and clearly highly mindful of the pandemic (which relieved my wife). They quickly assessed the degree of damage. Checked for evidence of water damage within the floor and walls. Gave us a clear understanding of what to do next! Very fast, professional service. Special shout out to Genna, Alan, and Manny!

SERVPRO did an awesome job! They were fast, efficient and very professional. They are my "go to" for mold remediation. I highly recommend them.

Where do I start? I own a physical therapy clinic. We have stayed open from the beginning of this pandemic because we are considered essential. We have done really well for four months until last Wednesday. We got a phone call that one of our patients tested positive for the coronavirus (not from the clinic). We had heard before that one of our friends used this company. We called right around midnight. We were a little panicked because we weren't sure how to make sure that the clinic was safe for patients and employees' return. We ended up closing the clinic out of an abundance of caution. We spoke to someone a little before midnight and by 12:30 there was an eight person crew at our clinic. They were very professional. They came in, we walked the area and then we proceeded to leave. They got dressed in their hazmat suits and gloves and eye protection. I watched them work on the cameras. They cleaned every crevice of the clinic, the offices, the bathrooms , the break room. It took about four hours and the price was extremely reasonable for after hours work and on such short notice. The gentlemen that came were super friendly, very informative and very professional. We then hired them for our second location. Their work made us feel very safe to return personally and safe for our patients and employees to return as well. I highly recommend this company for their work, responsiveness and professionalism.  If anyone is looking for a deep disinfecting of the area you should call this company. The guy I spoke to was Genna.

SERVPRO really means 24 hour service. Clean work, highly recommend.

While away our ceiling had a leak we were unaware of and some rain came in through the leak and flooded our entire second story. Our adult children got the call and called SERVPRO. They were out the same day and the drying process began. Everything is under control. They put some things back for us and have tried to make life easier for us.

I want to compliment SERVPRO Culver City Baldwin Hills on their recent handling of my fire claim. SERVPRO did a wonderful job of handling the work from start to finish, the communication to us was great and all work was professional. They responded quickly and this helped minimize potential further damage to our home. Overall, we found the staff to be extremely efficient from beginning to end. Based on our experience, if we ever had another claim we would use them, but we will of course refer them to friends and family. 

SERVPRO responded in our time of need after hours and really went the extra mile in dealing with our claim.  The demolition, mold clean up, and drying that was necessary was completed in a timely manner and all communication between their office and us was terrific.  10's accross the board.   

Thank goodness for SERVPRO!  My family owns a commercial building in Culver City with multiple tenants and when we experienced water damage, SERVPRO was on site immediately.  They did a great job of working with our tenants, insurance company and property manager.  They removed all standing water from the units, set up drying machines to dry everything out, and enabled us to move forward with the repairs to our building.  A great experience under the circumstances.  

I can't stress enough how helpful, efficient, professional and kind Abraham and his team were when they serviced my home after a storm messed up my roof. Thank you deeply for the help and professionalism.

Best service and experience yet! Thanks SERVPRO for your professionalism, punctuality and politeness. Shout out to Kat and Abraham for leading the team and coordinating a job well done. I will recommend this locations services to anyone with fire or water damage.

Thank you SERVPRO Staff and technicians for your professionalism and hard work! Shout out to Kat for all the communication and documentation provided and Abraham for leading his crew to get the job done!

They are punctual, fast, efficient and answered every question I had with detail which is my forte! Thank you again for your Services.

This company is wonderful! From the first contact, Kat was so friendly and helpful.  The field contact Abraham and his crew who basically performed magic of the before and after results in our attic as we couldn’t be more pleased. They were very courteous, helpful, professional and quick! I would not hesitate to refer them to family and friends or call them again.

A couple of units in my building were affected after a water line broke on the fourth floor and leaked water all down to the first floor. Luckily my landlords called SERVPRO and they got it taken care of. Jenny in the office was super nice about working with my work/dance schedule and the guys who came into my unit were never creepy. Just wanted to say they are a good and safe option, especially for us single women out there.

I spent all day calling around for someone to come out and check out the crawl space underneath my house because my plumber said there was standing water. Everyone wanted to book me few days out, but SERVPRO not only answered my call at 7pm but Jeff got a crew out first thing the next morning. It was fast and easy! Standing water and the horrible smell is gone with it.

Wow.. SERVPRO did awesome work. Had water flood a brand new home from rain. Called out SERVPRO, Alan Reed's Team was superb. Yes many questions I had and all were answered. Me and moms are pleased with the service. Yes do call them.

Beyond excellent!!!!! This construction company is by far the absolute best of the best, Professional, courteous, timely, proactive and very tentative to customers needs and do their best to keep you happy. Thank you Abraham and Julio cat for the professionalism.

I have had the pleasure to work with Alan Reed during the time of a loss with an insured. Not only himself, but his crew was extremely professional during the time of our insured loss.

Thank you so much for coming out to my house in the middle of the night at my time of need. We had wet floors and drywall as a result of my water heater failing and you guys showed up, analyzed the situation, set up the necessary equipment in order to minimize damage to my home.

Can't say enough about this business. They were life savers !  Unfortunately, my house flooded while I was out of town after a whole gut remodeling job. I had come to the end of the remodel and was almost ready to move in.  Extremely depressing...  SERVPRO came to my rescue !  They opened the drywall, dried inside the walls, cabinets and dried and cleaned the floors.  

It took a few days, but it was definitely worth it.  Luckily, my insurance paid for everything. They cleaned and dried everything to perfection.  No mold or funky lingering smells either.  These guys are totally professional and absolutely the best.  Definitely the way to go if you need cleanup from water mud, smoke or fire damage.

Great people very knowledgeable and helpful. Arrived at my house with in one hour had plenty of equipment to prevent my house from being furthered damaged.
Recommend their assistance.

They were very helpful and got to my house before further damage was caused. Everyone was really kind and professional.

Very professional! They provide excellent service and take care of everything every step of the way, from the initial call, until completion. They are fast at what they do and they really cater to you. When you are in need, these guys are your hero! Thank you SERVPRO!

My aunt had a leak in her house and we called SERVPRO Culver City for help. They gave us some great advice and were extremely helpful. They are under new ownership and I was quite impressed with their knowledge and professionalism. Once the leak is fixed, we will definitely be calling them to come do the remediation service for us. I highly recommend giving them a try.

At first I was reluctant to use this company especially because of the incredibly low reviews, but I was a bit desperate and had no other options at the time. Plus, I always see their bright green trucks on the freeway. To my surprise, they responded fairly quickly and were friendly over the phone. The project manager was informative, professional, and very patient (I had a lot of questions). They are also quick and efficient. Even with my unfortunate water loss, I thought I was lucky to have such a smooth process throughout. Through my conversation with the project manager, I discovered that the franchise had been taken over by a new owner, which explains why everything does not match up with the older reviews that I read on here. I would 100% recommend this SERVPRO to anyone that experiences water damage (so long as they do not switch owners). If you are unfamiliar with the whole process or do not feel knowledgeable in this area, they are amazing at answering any questions you have to make you comfortable and at ease.

I have used them many times and always get great results.  Quick to respond and the office keeps me updated on what is going on.  I highly recommend them.

As a new homeowner I've never encounter this situation before where mold started to appear in my bathroom, as I search for a company, SERVPRO of Culver City popped up. I was hesitating in calling them due to poor reviews but did it anyway. They responded to my needs right away. Techs and project manager explained everything thoroughly and was super satisfied with their work. I would highly recommend SERVPRO of Culver City!!

Gina and I would like to express our sincere thank you and gratitude to each and everyone, most especially the SERVPRO crew who carried out the difficult task of manual labor in getting our house back in order. They handled the job with passion & compassion. Now we begin the rebuilding process.

Your prompt attention to our needs and service were exceptional. From the bottom of our hearts thank you all.

Alan, upon finishing with your Simi Valley Team with my ordeal, I can’t say enough good things about Adam Fox and his crew in Simi. They were outstanding from the start. Adam does a great job in leading and guiding his group and is “hands-on.” This says a lot about his character. His demeanor is cool, calm, and very professional.

You have a great guy there in Adam and his people; you are lucky to have them.

I appreciate your leadership and advice for me from the beginning to understand the process and system to make my experience as best as possible.

The team packed me up a week or so ago, and I am writing a check to pay you off for the finish.

I am certainly going to post another appropriate note on Google and continue to recommend to everyone about contacting SERVPRO of Simi Valley and SERVPRO of Encino for any and all of their needs.

Please reach out to me anytime if I can help in business or personally.

Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and happy new year!

Your team left my house a little while ago and I wanted to let you know that they are truly amazing.

They told me what they were doing and followed up when they were ready to leave.  They were on time, polite, clean and incredible.

It’s hard to find a company that does what they tell us they are going to do and then do it above and beyond.  I can’t tell you enough how impressed I am with you and your company.

Thank you for taking care of us!

The best service in my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for your consideration and professionalism. You were so concerned about my well being and so considerate about keeping my home clean. You were the best!

This staff and management are all about customer service! A few weeks ago my condo had insulation replaced in the attic that happened a year prior to fire season. From the very beginning, I met Abraham, Kat, Julio and his crew they were courteous, careful, hard-working, and really focused on my needs and concerns and answered every question I would throw or challenge them with. Best service I’ve yet to receive. I would be recommending this SERVPRO to those in need.

Big thank you to this SERVPRO for putting your customers first!

Very impressed. Crew was professional, technicians explained and answered every question I had efficiently, all equipment was well maintained, clean and expensive, trucks were very organized and equipped and crew worked as a team. As a customer and contractor, I look out for these types of things as they play a part in determining what type of people are working for you and in your home and glad to say this company has what it takes. Thumbs up to the owner for the great employees he has on board and for a strong company he’s running and operating. Kat, Abraham, Julio, Omar, Alvaro, and Nelson thank you for your hard work and consistency to get the job done.

This company is wonderful! From the first contact Kat so friendly and helpful from the field contact Abraham and his crew who basically performed magic of the before and after results in our attic as we couldn’t be more pleased. They were very courteous, helpful, professional and quick! I would not hesitate to refer them to family and friends or call them again.